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宝博体育app官网下载的 free UniPrep courses are open to school leavers and mature age students. If you're successful, you'll be eligible for entry into many of our degree courses. 如果你有段时间没上学了, 没有正式的资格证书或优秀的12年级成绩, UniPrep真的能改变你的未来.


  • 《优秀大学指南2021》


    宝博体育app官网下载是澳大利亚最好的教学单位之一. We've had 15 straight years of 5-star ratings in the Good Universities Guide!

  • 好大学指南-学生支持


    Everyone has challenges as a student, but few universities can match 宝博体育app官网下载 for student support. 宝博体育app官网下载甚至还有一个学生成功团队!

  • 优秀大学指南-全面体验


    大学生活不仅仅是学习和上课. Here, you can join student clubs, sports teams, do volunteering and heaps more. 这是一次5星级的体验!


University preparation courses prepare you for university level study by teaching you the skills required for academic success – with an emphasis on you becoming an independent learner.

宝博体育app官网下载的 courses include a full semester course and two intensive courses - UniPrep加速 and a special summer program called UniPrep夏天 (see details below).

所有课程涵盖信息/通信技术技能, 学术研究与写作, 数学概念与技巧, 并具有广泛的人际沟通技巧.

You'll also be introduced to life at 宝博体育app官网下载 and have access to course and career advice to help you make informed decisions about selecting a degree.


宝博体育app官网下载, 宝博体育app官网下载理解您需要灵活性, so our University Preparation courses can be studied in as little as 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time. You can also choose to attend classes on-campus, study online, or a combination of both.


这是宝博体育app官网下载为有ATAR险些失手的离校学生准备的项目. It's an intensive 4-week university preparation course, run in January on our Joondalup Campus. On successful completion, you'll be able to start uni in Semester 1 with everyone else. 最重要的是,它是免费的! 如果你想在55-69之间申请ATAR,现在就可以申请.


这是另一门密集的大学预科课程. UniPrep夏季从11月底持续到1月底.

大多数科目的考试在1月底或2月初, so it's possible to successfully complete the course in time to start uni in Semester 1.


  • No. While most courses are available to people who successfully complete any of the UniPrep courses, 有些课程有专业入学要求. It's best to speak to our Future Students team to confirm your eligibility, 因为这可能会根据招生人数和外部因素而改变.

  • 在这种情况下, you're more than welcome to apply for our UniPrep一般 program that runs every semester. 虽然这是一个稍微长一点的课程, 多年来,它为宝博体育app官网下载的许多学生上大学做好了准备.

  • No. 因为这些都是密集的项目, 他们需要校园参与,以确保你获得最大的收获. There will, however, be online components that you'll need to engage with.

  • 是的. Each course equates to a full-time study load for income support purposes, 只要你注册了至少三个单元.

  • 是的, 绝对, 只要你符合入学要求, 你有资格在宝博体育app官网下载的任何一个校园学习.

  • UniPrep一般 is the only version of UniPrep that can be studied entirely online.

  • 是的. But you can pick up studies in UniPrep一般 and get recognition for the units you’ve already completed.

  • 根据你第一学期的成绩,宝博体育app官网下载允许你申请. All you need to do is provide a copy of your Year 12 Semester 1 results with your application for the course. 看到 UniPrep课程页面 查看你可能需要满足的其他UniPrep入学要求的信息.


宝博体育app官网下载的 未来的学生活动 include a mix of on-campus and online sessions designed to help you decide what to study at 宝博体育app官网下载.



职场对通用技能的要求很高, with employers increasingly recruiting graduates who can demonstrate more than technical skills.

这包括管理时间的能力, 在文化意识, 具有团队合作精神,工作灵活,适应能力强.

So when you successfully complete UniPrep at 宝博体育app官网下载 and go on to graduate with a Bachelor's degree, 在进入职场时,你会比大多数人准备得更充分!


大学预科毕业生萨瓦娜在12年级没有学习ATAR, but found the course a great introduction to university and to the skills she needed to start a bachelors degree.


  • Una凯特琳


    宝博体育app官网下载 UniPrep graduate and Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) student


    I chose 宝博体育app官网下载 after a lengthy consideration of which university could provide me with the best designed course in my chosen field.

    宝博体育app官网下载 combined psychology and business with a major in HR that I felt would give me the best employability skills.

    I genuinely believe that UniPrep offered by 宝博体育app官网下载 provided me with both the opportunities to investigate my chosen career, 还教会了我现在每天都要用到的可转换技能.

    The support and encouragement I have received from my lecturers and tutors has been incredible. 宝博体育app官网下载对我来说是一次非常棒的学术经历.

  • 卡桑德拉Catley


    宝博体育app官网下载本土大学定向课程和体育学士, 娱乐和事件管理专业毕业


    My study experience has been amazing and I am grateful for the connections I have built with friends from my futsal team, 谁是我现在的家人.

    I first began my journey with 宝博体育app官网下载 through the Indigenous University Orientation Course. This pathway gave me the guidance and time to help me pick a career I am passionate about.

    The lecturers offer great support and will always do their best to help you out when you need.

    我对宝博体育app官网下载的研究告诉我,努力是会有回报的 and I am proving that more and more each semester, 在我接近学业结束的时候.

  • 凯利Vestby



    I wanted a career that was challenging and one I could take anywhere in the world

    I had been out of school for a long time but UniPrep provided me with the skills needed to write essays, 有效地研究和管理我的时间.

    宝博体育app官网下载’s flexible study options and the supportive atmosphere at the 南西 Campus has also helped me fit in study around being a mum and business owner.




宝博体育app官网下载课程的录取途径不止一种. It depends on what you've studied already, or your work or life experience.

费用 & 奖学金

Course tuition fees can change, but we can give you an estimate of your costs. 如果你符合条件,奖学金或学生贷款也可以帮助你.


申请课程是一个相当简单的过程, 尤其是如果你有资格证书的扫描件, 简历或其他文件, 准备上传.


开始一门课程是令人兴奋的,有时也是令人畏惧的, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.